English Lesson-4

Bodhak competitive bank exams adjectives have the detailed explanation on the following topics. English Lesson-1 tutorial is useful for bank exams, groups, and CRT.

  • Errors in usage of  nouns and adjectives, Errors in usage of adverb, Errors in Infinitives and Gerunds, miscellaneous errors

Errors in the use of certain nouns, adjectives, and Adverb: You should be careful in the use of certain nouns, adjective and adverbs, all collectives nouns generally take singular verbs.


competitive bank exams adjectives


” The committee consisting of six members are coming to enquire about the scam.”

The underlined verb form is wrong because “the committee” is the subject which is a collective noun. Therefore the verb should be in the singular form because collective noun “committee” should generally take singular form so “is coming” should be the correct tense.

Another point to be noted is that material nouns & abstract nouns do not have the plural form and generally they do not use an article before them. However, sometimes plural is used when the meaning changes. For example “copper”, if used in general is always singular. In case, if you use “coppers” as in the sentence below then it has a different meaning.

“I gave some coppers to the beggar” (copper coins)

Similarly, if proper nouns and material nouns are used to compare then we can use the article before them.

We call Mumbai “the Manchester of India”.

Kalidasa is the Shakespeare of Sanskrit literature.

The gold, which I purchased from Dubai, was better in quality when compared to the gold that I purchased from Mumbai.
Example: she is my older sister (Wrong)
She is my Elder sister (Correct)

Some adjectives take “than” in the comparative degree whereas some adjectives like “senior” “junior” “superior” inferior” “Elder” Etc take “to” after For example.

“Famous” – “Notorious”
We use “Famous” when a person or place is well known for a good act.
Example: “He is a famous lawyer.”
“It is a famous pilgrim center”

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