Aptitude chapter-3

competitive bank exams blood relations in this chapter we will discuss BLOOD RELATIONS in detail We will also see how to solve through equations and through shortcut methods

competitive bank exams blood relations   


Blood relations is important in every competitive exams.

In blood relations gender (male / female) is important.

In blood relations, there are 17 relations

1.Mother or father_father_father=great grandfather

2.Mother or father _mother_mother=great grandmother

3.Mother or father _father=grand father

4.Mother or father _mother=grand mother

5.Mother or father _brother=uncle

6.Mother or father _sister =Aunt

7.Uncle or aunt_children=cousins

8.Brother _wife =sister_in_law

9.Sister _husband=brother_in_law

10.Brother or sister_son =nephew

11.Brother or sister_daughter =niece

12.Wife or husband_father =father_in_law

13.Wife or husband _mother =mother in law

14.wife or husband_sister = sister in law

15.Wife or husband_brother=brother in law

16.son_wife=daughter in law

17.daughter_husband=son in law


Co-Sisters              =  Brother-wife & His-wife

Co-Brothers         =   Sister-husband & Her-husband

Children’s of same parents are called Siblings.

Example :

Pointing to a person a man said to a woman “his mother is a wife of your father”. So how the woman related to that person?

a)daughter  b) sister  c) wife  d) mother

Solution :

His mother is / wife of your father (mother)

So his mother and women mother is same

So the women are sister to that person

Example :

There are 6 members in a family, say A, B, C, D, E&F.

A is the son of B but B is not the mother of A.F&B are married couples. D is sister of B.C is daughter of F.E is brother of A.

1. How many male and females are there in the family?

a) 3, 4 b) 4, 3 c) 3, 3  d) 2, 4

2. How many son’s and daughters does F have?

a) 3, 4 b) 2, 2 c) 3, 3  d) 2, 1

3. Whose wife is D?

a) A b) B c) C  d) can’t be determined

4. Which of the following is a pair of females and males respectively?

a) ABC, DEF b) CDF, ABE c) ADE, BCF  d) none

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