Aptitude Chapter-4

Bodhak competitive bank exams calendars in this chapter we will discuss CALENDARS. We will see how o solve through equations and through shortcut methods.

The year is 365.2422 days approximately.

The common year consists of 365 days. Consequently, in every 4th year, there are 366 days.(leap year)

The years which have the extra day is called leap years. The extra day in the end of February.



competitive bank exams calendars


This module will have the following type of questions:

Type 1: What was the day of the week on 15th August 1947?

Type 2: The calendar of the year 2011 will be used again in the year?

Type 3: The maximum gap between two successive leap years?

Type 4: If 15th  August 2011 falls on Tuesday then 10th may 2012 falls on which day?

The time in which the earth travels around the sun is a solar year and is equal to 365 days 5 hrs. 48 minutes and 47 1/2   seconds