Aptitude Chapter-6

competitive bank exams coding-decoding in this chapter we will discuss Coding and Decoding. We will see how o solve through equations and through shortcut methods.

Coding and Decoding: Coding and Decoding are used to send the secret messages from source to destination.



competitive bank exams coding-decoding

There are five models coding and decoding:-

1.Letter coding

2.Number Coding


4.Mixed letter coding

5.Mixed number coding

Letter coding:

Here we assign letters to letters

Example:  ABC  –  ZYX


Number coding:

Here we assign numbers to letters

Example:  ABC  –  123  Then

DEF  –  456

Substitution :

Here we substitute one word to another word.


White  =  blue

blue  =  green

green  =  red

red  =  yellow

yellow  =  orange

orange  =  pink

Mixed letter coding:

Here we assign letters to letters


ha   da  pa  –  nice Sunday  morning

da  ra  –  morning  show

pa  ra  ka  –  nice evening  show

What is the code for Sunday?


1:  Compare 1st and 2nd line common number is  6  – morning

2:  In 2nd and 3rd line common number is   5  –  show

3:  In 3rd and 1st line common number is   1  –  nice

So Sunday  = 7

Answer 7  =  Sunday

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