English Lesson-1

Bodhak competitive bank exams communication skills have the detailed explanation on the following topics. English Lesson-1 tutorial is useful for bank exams, groups, and CRT.

  • Introduction to Communication Skills
  • Choosing the Grammatically Correct Sentences

Introduction to Communication Skills: Friends, let me apprise you about the importance of communication skills in English. These skills involve writing, reading, as well as spoken English.



competitive bank exams communication skills

Being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all life skills. One has to learn to communicate information accurately, clearly and as intended.

Like it or not, Indian job markets demand people who can speak and write correct English.

Unfortunately, very few people pay attention to their communication skills.

If you think you need to sharpen your English, both speaking and writing skills, then NOW is the time to do.

It is going to help in your entire career.

Choosing the Grammatically Correct Sentences:

In this type of question, four sentences are given and we are asked to choose the grammatically correct sentence.

Choosing the best alternative:

This is a different type of question where a part of the sentence is highlighted or underlined. You have to choose the best alternative from the four given sentences.