English Lesson-5

Bodhak competitive bank exams eliminating wrong answers has the detailed explanation on the following topics. English Lesson-5 tutorial is useful for bank exams, groups, and CRT.

  • Fill in the Blanks, Tips, Eliminating wrong answers

Fill In The Blanks:

 Sentence Completion Questions are designed to test not only the reading skills of the student but comprehension abilities, vocabulary, and logical reasoning.

competitive bank exams eliminating wrong answers

Such questions consist of one, two or more blanks to be filled in by words or phrases which are the best choice among those given.

Test of reading skills: First read the question from beginning to the end. Try to understand the tone of the sentence, whether positive or negative, descriptive, active or passive.

Test of comprehension abilities: Once you have read the sentence you can comprehend the meaning and thus guess at the missing words. Here again, special effort has to be taken to ensure that the tense is taken into account. The Degree (positive, comparative & superlative) has to be correct.The gender has to be right too!!

Test of vocabulary: once you get the hint of the words which could fit in, you can begin to read the choices. Here the most important thing is the tone of the sentence
1. He ……………………delicately
2.She …………………..loudly in amusement.
laughed /Guffawed
Here the obviously the word laughed will fit in the first sentence while guffawed is the better choice for the second sentence.

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