Aptitude Chapter-13

Bodhak competitive bank exams partnership in this chapter we will discuss Partnership, Allegation/mixture, Simple interest and compound interest, time and distance, Problems on Trains,  Mensuration. We will see how o solve through equations and through shortcut methods.

Partnership :p

The partnership means two or more persons doing the business together by investing shares into that business.



competitive bank exams partnership

If a person A invest 10,000 and person B invest 20,000 for one year then person B gets more profit than person A and their profit ratio is:

10000  :  20000  i.e 1:2

Alligation or  Mixture:

The allegation is a rule that enables us to mix two or more quantities in a certain ratio to get desired profit.

Example  :

A person has two types of rice. The cost of TYPE1 Rice is Rs.15/- per kg and TYPE2 rice Rs.20/- per kg. At what ratio did he mix the two rice’s so that the mixture cost is Rs.16.5 per kg.

Simple interest and compound interest:

The extra money paid for using others money is called interest.

Simple interest (SI)  = ptr/100

P  =  Principal

T  =  Time

R  =  Rate of Interest

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