Aptitude Chapter-8

Bodhak competitive bank exams puzzles & odd man out in this chapter we will discuss Odd man out, Boats and Streams, Puzzles. We will see how o solve through equations and through shortcut methods.



competitive bank exams puzzles & odd man out

Let us see an example

  1. a) January b) March   c) April  d) May

In the above options, those are months.

January    = 31 days

March     = 31 days

April  =  30 days

May  = 31 days  So April is different from all.

Answer is: April

Example 2:

a) tree b) fruit c) flower  d) leaf

In the above problem fruit, flower, leap are part of the tree.

Answer is Tree


Boats and Streams:

The Speed of boat or person is x km/ph

The speed of the water is y km/ph. If Boat and water moving in the same direction then that is called downstream and speed is added.

So Down Stream   D=x+y

If Boat and water moving in opposite direction then that is called upstream and speeds are subtracted so upstream     U=x-y

From 1 and 2

D+U  =  x+y+x-y

2x = D + U = x= (D+U)/2

from 1 & 2

D – U  =  x+y-x+y

2y  =  D – U

y= (D-U)/2

Note:  D=x+y , U=x-y

x= (D+U)/2

y= (D-U)/2


In one hour a boat goes 15 km along the stream and 9 km against the stream. The speed of the boat in still water (in km/hour)?

a) 3 b) 6  c) 12  d) 24

Down Stream  D= 15 km/hour

Up Stream   U= 9 km/hour

Speed of the boat is x= (D+U)/2

x=(15+9)/2 = 24/2= 12

Answer is 12.



In puzzles, the important point is your thinking capacity.

These questions generally asked to check your logical ability and capacity to think out of the box.

Let us see few important puzzles.

Example :

Value of (x-a) (x-b)…… (x-z)

(x-a) (x-b)…… (x-z)

(x-a) (x-b) (x-c)…… (x-x) (x-y) (x-z) = 0




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