English Lesson-7

Bodhak competitive bank exams reading comprehension has the detailed explanation on the following topics.  the tutorial is useful for bank exams, groups, and CRT.

  • Reading comprehension, Tips, Theme Detection, Reading Passage practice, Vocabulary

Reading comprehension:

 The Questions on “ Reading Comprehension” are based on short and long passages. Each passage is followed by two to four questions based on the passage.

competitive bank exams reading comprehension

The questions are framed in such a way that they are meant to test your ability to understand, intercept and analyze the passages.

The topics of the reading passages are of different types. They are a part or extract of an essay or an article taken from different fields of interest.

Questions from science, biological as well as physical. Humanities and social studies are included in such reading passages

The questions on reading comprehension consist of the following:

Asking about the main idea or possible title to be given to the passage.

Asking about information that is directly stated in the passage.

Asking about implied information.

Asking about the author’s opinion

Asking about your evaluation of the author’s presentation.

Asking about the tone of the passage i.e., the approach of the author, negative or positive.

Asking inferences based on information presented in the Passage.

Asking Cause and effect Questions

Asking specific detail questions.