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Sentence Rearrangement: Sentence Rearrangement as the name itself advocates, consists of sentences not arranged in a logical sequence.  The candidate will choose the most logical sequence from a choice of arranged sentences.


competitive bank exams sentence rearrangement

Four Sentence

In this type, paragraph consists of four jumbled sentences and the student has to choose the correct sequence

Five Sentence
This type is quite similar to the “four sentence” except instead of four sentence student has to rearrange five sentences.

Tips :

Read as they are
It is a kind of reading which gives an overall concept to the reader.In this step, the student has to tick or write the crucial words to make his remembrance more effective. He has to have an idea of passage by this squashed reading technique.

Finding either starting or concluding sentences
Finding either starting or concluding sentences is also necessary to get the answer properly. In this finding procedure students have to keep an eye on the options too.

linking sentences
This is a technique of mastering in a jumbled paragraph. In order to get proper linking sentences, students should identify the main or supplementary ideas which constitute the message the paragraph conveys.

If we get a clear picture of the main paragraph then the link of the sentences will come out automatically. Given options will direct the correct answers once we find a link.


Checking vocabulary inventiveness

 For this process, candidate has to look into the starting and the concluding words of the sentences that may have an apparent link. In addition to this students have to concentrate in some particular conjunctional words that may appear either ending or starting of the sentences, namely, so, therefore, moreover, meanwhile, nevertheless, etc..

Six Sentence-Example:

Rearrange the following six sentences in the proper sequence so as to form a meaningful paragraph, then answer the questions.

P) Civilization can be destroyed by geological cataclysm, pathological concentration of wealth, class wars or diversion of trade

Q) Civilization is an order which promote cultural creation.
R) Instruction of any form is required to promote and transmit civilization.
S)  Civilization is not inborn. It has to be acquired anew.
T)   Civilization is also not imperishable.
U)   An absence of social order also can exterminate the civilization.

The first sentence after rearrangement is






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