English Lesson-3

Bodhak competitive bank exams wrong usage words has the detailed explanation on the following topics. English Lesson-3 tutorial is useful for bank exams, groups, and CRT.

  • Wrong usage of words, Errors in pronouns, Errors in tenses

wrong usage of words or group of words: This type of errors occurs when modifiers, i.e. words. Adding to the meaning of another part of the sentence are used in the wrong form or in the wrong place.

competitive bank exams wrong usage words

Very often, some phrases are used in a sentence with ambiguity. Close observation of the sentence alone helps you to find these errors.  Look at the example given below:

Ex:“ Sitting on the wall the ant bit me”

Errors in the use of Pronouns:

The Pronouns are words that stand instead of nouns. The pronouns used in the sentences must agree with nouns going before.   As per grammatical rules, the personal pronouns have the subject form and the object form.

  • “I” is the subject form in the first person and it takes “am” is the present tense.
  • “Me” is the object form is the first person.
  • “We” is the subject form (Plural) is the first persons, and it takes “are” in the present tense.

Now look at this sentence “It was I who is the wrong”
In this sentence, the relative pronoun “Who” stands for or instead of “I” which is a first-person pronoun. “I” never takes “is” in the present tense. Therefore only “am” should be used. So that the correct sentence should be “It is I who am wrong”.

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