Data structures introduction tutorial

Bodhak data structures introduction tutorial in this chapter we will discuss Intro to Data Structures. Data is a set of elementary items.

“The data structures deal with the study of how the data is organized in the memory, how efficiently it can be retrieved and manipulated and the possible ways in which different data items are logically related”.


data structures introduction tutorial

They can be classified into:

Primitive data structures

Non-primitive data structure.

Non-primitive data structures:

These are data structures that can not be manipulated directly by machine instructions. Arrays, linked lists, files etc., are some of the non-primitive data structures and are classified into linear data structures and non-linear data structures.

An abstract data type is a data structure and a collection of functions or procedures which operate on the data structure

An Example: Collections

Programs often deal with collections of items. These collections may be organized in many ways and use many different program structures to represent them, yet, from an abstract point of view, there will be a few common operations on any collection. These might include:

create Create a new collection
add Add an item to a collection
delete Delete an item from a collection
find Find an item matching some criterion in the collection
destroy Destroy the collection