IELTS listening tutorial Part1

IELTS listening tutorial part1 section1 will be a  Dialogue about social or lifestyle related topic

Listening module has four sections

There are forty questions.  The test time is 40 minutes (30 + 10).


IELTS listening tutorial part1

The test is for 30 minutes and 10 minutes time is given for transferring your answers from question paper to answer sheet.  You will be writing your answers on the question paper itself as you will have to answer the questions simultaneously along with the audio.

You will not have much time to write the answers on the answer paper and go back to the question paper, so you write the answers on the question paper itself, and in the last 10 minutes, you will transfer the answers to answer sheet. So make sure you attempt all questions

Each section has 10 questions and each section is Independent and equal.

One good thing is there is no negative marking so you can attempt all the 40 questions.  There is no option for you to not write at all.  Not writing an answer to any question is losing the score directly.  So make sure you attempt all questions.  The test becomes difficult progressively.  Section one is easy, section two a little tough, section three much tougher and section four toughest.

If you feel the section four is very tough , make sure you answer all the 30 questions of the previous three sections completely so that you are assured of the 30 marks, as they are easy, which can easily get you a score of 6.5 bands, and then even if you just score 2 or 3 marks in the last section, still your score will be high.

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