IELTS listening tutorial part2

IELTS listening tutorial part2 section is  Monologue about some General Topic

Challenges one faces while listening

One is accented as the audio tape is usually of American, UK or Australian accent, in between there may be guest accent like African, Japanese, Indian, etc. but they are rare.  You can practice the same by watching videos with these accents in TV or Internet.



IELTS Listening Tutorial Part2

Another challenge is pace–Indians actually speak faster than Americans but because of the accent, it appears as if Americans are speaking fast. Usually, Americans tend to drag certain words

Next challenge is concentration Lapse –Because of the accent, you may get stuck at one point and not understand, and the next question is already lost. So, if you do not understand something, you can leave it and go to the next one.  You can come back to it later.

Comprehension (Vocabulary) is another hurdle

The length of the recording is sometimes a problem in section-4.  The recording will be at a stretch, but there is nothing to worry about if you have practised well.


If you feel the section four is very tough , make sure you answer all the 30 questions of the previous three sections completely so that you are assured of the30 marks, as they are easy, which can easily get you a score of 6.5 bands, and then even if you just score 2 or 3 marks in the last section, still your score will be high.

There will be two monologues, one dialogue, and one discussion

Following are the type of questions that you will be coming across in listening module. Later you will be given a practice audio when you will be better acquainted with them.


Section1 is a  Dialogue about social or lifestyle related topic

Section2 is  Monologue about some  General Topic

Section3 is  Discussion involving more than 2 people and Study or Survey Based

Section4 is Monologue on an Educational topic