IELTS listening tutorial part3

IELTS listening tutorial part3 Section is  Discussion involving more than 2 people and Study or Survey Based

Action Plan or what you are supposed to do: 1.Identify the question type, 2.Read the questions 3.Underline the key words in the questions, 4.Think about the related synonyms of the Word, 5.Predict the type of information required, 6.Always keep an eye on the next question


IELTS listening tutorial part3

I will give you some tips for listening.  Most of the time students make mistake in certain places.  These are the tips as well as things that you need to be cautious about:

1.Spelling errors

2.Errors in units: fees  $ 50 dollars


4.Proper nouns, names of people, places or things.

5.Do not worry about unknown words, let them go.  When you do not understand a word, replace that with some word which is more near to it and can give the same meaning

6.Do not get stuck at one question.  You proceed with other questions and finish off the test.

7.After every section you are given  20 seconds, so in case you leave out any questions unanswered , utilize the 20 seconds to fill the answers that you have left out, because if you want to come back to the question after the whole test, it is not possible because your memory of that  audio and question of the previous sections will be short lived.

8.Pay attention to the tone /INTONATION of the speaker, where the pitch is changing

9.Check the MOOD/attitude of the speaker

Each section has 10 questions and each section is Independent and equal.

One good thing is there is no negative marking so you can attempt all the 40 questions.  There is no option for you to not write at all.  Not writing an answer to any question is losing the score directly. So make sure you attempt all questions.  The test becomes difficult progressively.  Section one is easy, section two a little tough, section three much tougher and section four toughest.

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