IELTS reading tutorial part1

We will look into Reading tips of ILETS module. IELTS reading tutorial part1 is the most important part because you can score 100%.  It has no relation to the assessment of a human or computer; it is purely related to the answer you have written. 

There is no negative marking, so first and foremost you have to remember is you have nothing to lose even if you mark a wrong answer.

IELTS reading tutorial part1

IELTS Reading Tutorial Part1

The reading module has three passages, passage 1, 2 and 3. Each passage has approximately 2000 words.  First passage and second passage will have `13 questions each and third passage will have 14 questions bringing the total number of questions to 40.

The passages contents are related to things you come across in daily life and not to any subject, they are absolutely general topics.You may come across words you are not aware of.

The key here is to understand what the word says at that point in that particular given situation; instead of thinking of the real meaning of the word, you can assume the nearest meaning , if you go on pondering about the real meaning, you may lose time, and time is the real key to success here .

One passage is supposed to be done in about 20 minutes because the exam is for 1 hour and there are 3 passages.  There are few tips and tricks where you can do the passage in less than 20 minutes.

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