IELTS reading tutorial part2

IELTS reading tutorial part2 know that English is a language which is taken from other languages like Greek, Latin, and Portuguese.  We need not know from where the word is taken from?  But there are a prefix, root word, and suffix. 

You can get a list of these from the Internet, you can practice them.  That will definitely help you find the meanings without the help of a dictionary.  At some point in time, you will need it.



IELTS Reading Tutorial Part2


Types of questions you would come across in the Reading test.  Out of the 40 questions it is very unlikely that you will get all the types of questions but at the same time it is good to know what types of question you could come across

First one, which paragraph contains the following information

Then, Match the following

one word only

No more than two words

No more than three words

One word and/or a number

Two words and/or a number

Three words and/or a number

List of Headings

True, false, not given (also called Yes, No, Not Given)

Sentence completion with correct ending (one of the match the following kinds)

Table completion

Fill in the blanks of a (Diagram)

Fill in the blanks

Words from the passage

Words from the box given below

With alphabets before the words in the box

multiple choice questions

Choose the correct alphabet from the options given below

Classification of information (match the following)

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