IELTS reading tutorial part3

IELTS reading tutorial part3 are seen the tips to find answers quickly & effectively.

  • Read the Heading of the passage, understand what it means. You will get an idea of what the subject would be about.
  • Read the whole passage in 5 Minutes. Yes I mean 5 Minutes. As you have already read the heading, you now know what the passage is about.


IELTS Reading Tutorial Part3

  • While reading the passage underline all Un-understood & all important words (Which you understand). These are called “Key Words”.
  • These Keywords are the ones that will lead you to the answers.
  • Underlining the keywords makes you remember them well. It is like underlining them in your brain. You now know where a word is located.
  • Now while reading the questions to underline all Un- understood & all important words (Which you understand). When you do this you will start seeing the relationship between the questions & passage.
  • First few tests you can refer to a dictionary for meanings of unknown words & make a note of all words in a notebook along with meanings.
  • This will help you learn new vocabulary also.

Here is a time management tip. Make a chart that contains the following information & Keeps a record of performance:

Passage #               Start Time                       End Time  Score




There are 3 passages in the test, so shuffle the passages, note all items & see which combination gives you best results. The same can be followed in the exam. That means Highest Score in Shortest Time.

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