IELTS Reading tutorial tips

IELTS reading tutorial tips section 1: This section contains 2-3 short factual texts with topics that will be relevant to your everyday life when you live abroad in an English environment.

For example, a text may consist of a number of Advertisements, Notices, publicity booklets, timetables, etc.

You will have 13 questions in this section.

IELTS reading tutorial tips

Section II – Work and Studies

This section deals with topics that are relevant to your Work and studies.

There are 2 factual texts & they focus on issues related to work such as applying for a job, pay and conditions, staff training and development, company policies, College catalogues, course descriptions, rules and regulations, library guides, etc.

You will have 13 questions in this section.


Section III – General Interest

The text in this section is longer and more difficult. It is a text on a topic of general interest.

We can say a few examples like Newspapers, magazines, journals, books, etc.

You will have 14 questions in this section.


The reading module has three passages, passage 1, 2 and 3. Each passage has approximately 2000 words.  First passage and second passage will have `13 questions each and third passage will have 14 questions bringing the total number of questions to 40.

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