IELTS speaking tutorial part1

IELTS speaking tutorial part1 for speaking test, there are a few Guidelines that are helpful to you. After attending the class make sure you practice what you have learned.

Always remember the Examiner is the normal person. He is going to be an Indian. So you do not have to put on any artificial accent. The person is an Indian so he will understand what you are speaking. Your scoring will also be given depending on it.



IELTS Speaking Tutorial Part1

Try and answer as if this was a normal conversation. Most mistakes are made because candidate thinks you need to do something special because this is a speaking test. You can be your normal self in the examination.

Don’t use unknown vocabulary

Some words are very fascinating, you read them in the newspaper or you get it in the news, you get it from somewhere and you feel the urge that you have to use

it somewhere; so there is the tendency to wherever possible. If you don’t know the word, don’t use it. Probably the other person knows what it means, it might not suit the situation.

Don’t use lengthy sentences

Short answers are good. Questions are very simple.  They are normal life-related questions and if you speak too much the examiner may not be interested and become annoyed.

Don’t give history of your life

There are similar questions asked on the same topic. Two or three sentence answers are enough. Don’t give your life story as an answer

Don’t give a very short answer

If the answer is:

“I’m an employee”. This sometimes might sound almost impolite unless you say something more like “I am an Employee with (Company Name).

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