IELTS Speaking Tutorial Part2

IELTS speaking tutorial part2 for speaking test, there are a few Guidelines that are helpful to you.

After attending the class make sure you practice what you have learned.



IELTS Speaking Tutorial Part2

You have a job and you’re studying for IELTS

Explain the situation. This gives you the opportunity to use some really good vocabulary like.

“take a year out”

“be on a sabbatical”


“for the time being”


The grading criteria

There are 4 criteria


Fluency and coherence

How fluently you speak and how well you link your ideas  together



How accurate your pronunciation is


Lexical resource

How accurate and varied your vocabulary is


Grammatical range and accuracy

How accurate and varied your grammar is


What do these criteria mean?

The main point is that in all the criteria a key idea is being clear. The main idea is whether you can express yourself clearly so that someone else can understand you

Fluency and coherence

Fluency is a combination:

the speed of speech

the length of the answer

pausing correctly

Coherence is the ability to

expand your answers

answer the questions directly

add relevant detail to explain or illustrate your answers

connect your sentences by using tenses and connectors



IELTS speaking questions part 1 – work, hometown, and education

These are the 3 compulsory topics

You should be asked 4 questions about one of these topics.

The examiner has a number of possible questions to ask you. These sample IELTS speaking part 1 questions will almost certainly not be asked in exactly this format, so you need to listen carefully to the exact question

You should note

these questions are personal questions  try to give personal answers

it is a mistake to give very short answers even though the questions are simple: try to give examples or explain your opinions

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