IELTS Speaking Tutorial Part3

IELTS speaking tutorial part3 common mistakes: You should speak slowly, clearly and related. The main point is that you are able to express yourself clearly.

Pronunciation: Point here is that your pronunciation is easy to understand and whether you are able to make your meaning clear.



IELTS Speaking Tutorial Part3

Features of good pronunciation include:

basic word pronunciation

linked speech sounds

correct sentence stress

correct use of intonation (rising and falling)

You should note that there is no need to have a “British” or “American” accent.


Lexical Resource (Vocabulary)

The key concept is clarity do you have enough words to express yourself clearly? This is judged by your ability to:

have enough vocabulary to discuss a range of topics

to use vocabulary accurately

be able to explain yourself when you do not have the right word

Common Mistake

Don’t use long words without knowing what they mean


Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Important points to understand here are

you need to avoid grammar mistakes especially with your tenses

you need to use a range of grammatical structures and you should not just use simple sentences all the time


When are they graded?

All 4 criteria are judged throughout all 3 parts of the speaking test.So it is important to concentrate from beginning to end. Although your test will be recorded, you will almost certainly be graded in real time in the test by the examiner sitting in front of you


How are band scores calculated?

All the criteria count equally

Candidates focus on one of the criteria or forget about other altogether (normally cohesion and coherence).

Why is this wrong?

They all count equally.

This is what happens that you get a score out of 9 for each of the criteria, they are added together and then that score is divided by 4

Example Someone who has forgotten to think about coherence  hasn’t fully answered the question but  has good general English so does well in grammar and vocabulary, but that is unfortunately not enough

grammar 7

vocabulary 7

pronunciation 6

coherence 4

7+7+6+4 = 24 and 24 divided by 4 equals 6. The message is grammar and vocabulary are not enough – you need to focus on all the criteria throughout the exam.

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