IELTS Speaking Tutorial Part4

IELTS Speaking Tutorial Part4 tip: The main suggestion is that you try out different ways to speak until you find the one that suits your personal style the best. Different approaches work for different people and different topics.

You also find 3 different recordings and transcripts to help you see how it is done.


IELTS Speaking Tutorial Part4

Ways to do IELTS part 2 speaking

This lesson is designed to show you that there are different ways to IELTS part 2 speaking.

A tourist attraction

Describe a tourist attraction that you have visited. You should say

What the attraction was

When you visited it

Why you went there

And say whether you enjoyed the visit or not

This is a friendly topic. All you need to do is think of somewhere you have been where tourists normally go. It can be either in your country or abroad. You just need to think of something/somewhere you can remember well. The best advice is to talk about your personal experience and not treat this as a vocabulary exercise – that way you will speak much better

Just talk naturally – approach 1

In this first example, I just sit down and talk naturally – the way I would normally talk.

The benefit of this approach is it helps:

the rhythm of speech – a large part of pronunciation

relaxation – the more relaxed you feel, the better you will speak normally

The one danger is you may forget to talk about what’s on the cue card. While there is no task response mark in speaking, you do want to answer the question; so my advice is to check the cue card from time to time as you are speaking to make sure that you are on topic.

Tell a story – approach 2

This is similar but slightly different. Again, you don’t necessarily follow the cue card points in order, you just tell a story that includes them.

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