IELTS writing tutorial part1

IELTS writing tutorial part1 writing module: Make sure you meet the minimum criteria of the words, which is task response. Write between 250 and 325 words. Identify the task in the introduction.

State your position or stance in both introduction and conclusion . Each para much relate to the task. If the content is unrelated you may not score for that.


IELTS Writing Tutorial Part1

Coherence and cohesion in use of paragraphs

Clear introduction, in the main paragraph, write the argument and the last para write  conclusion

Each park must have a clear topic sentence, whatever you want to speak, mention it.

Use examples and reasons.  Whenever you plan to give an example, make sure you also give a reason as the examiner should understand why that example was given

Sentences must link together,  use proper punctuation.

Lexical resource it is your word resource or vocabulary. Do not repeat the words given in the question.

Use your own words. There should not be any words repeated consistently. If in a few places words are required to be repeated, you may do so. Use vocabulary related to the topic. At the end of the day, what matters is the relationship to the topic and your grammar.

Let us look at what is Grammatical range and accuracy

Check your spellings.

Check for verb tenses.

Sentences should be between 15-25 words long.

Here is a table which will help you understand how you have performed.

Make a chart of it

Writing process should go like this.

What are the time you spent on planning what to write, time spent writing and time spent on checking

After this make a note of your mistakes and the types of mistakes you have made, about 5 – 10 mistakes whatever you could figure out, being a self-critic.  There is always a room for improvement and the moment you know what types of mistakes you are committing, then you start rectifying those.

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