IELTS writing tutorial part2

IELTS writing tutorial part2 in this writing part Explain Graph, diagram or process. In this task, you have to Describe a given table, or diagram, or process.

, you shall be asked to write a descriptive report. If you are appearing for academic test and you will be asked to write the letter if you are appearing for an academic test.



IELTS Writing Tutorial Part2

The question will be something like:

Describe the below pictorial or graphical representation.

You will be given the maximum of 20 minutes.

You shall require a minimum of 150 words and the maximum words are 225. I advise you to write down somewhere around 200 words to achieve good scoring.

What is it that you are supposed to check for?

There are a number of different items you can check for.  Do not think that you have not made any mistake.  Definitely, there will be some mistake.  You have to accept that you are making a mistake.  Only after a certain point of time, you will start understanding what mistakes you have made and how to correct them.

Then comes vocabulary, vocabulary is the words you use.  This is as important as Grammar and it is easier to correct.

Do not use unknown vocabulary just because of fancy and you feel like using it.

Repetition    Under exam conditions looking for repetition is perhaps the area where the candidate can most improve in writing. It is easy for candidate to see that they have repeated words and to correct this mistake….so whenever you are writing make sure you do not repeat the same things again and again

Check that you have not repeated whole phrases and sentences from questions.

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