Interview Skills

Bodhak interview skills tutorial has the detailed explanation on the following topics. English Lesson-1 tutorial is useful for bank exams, groups, and CRT.

Interview  Skills

Before the Interview:

Do your homework! Learn as much as you can about the company or college before the interview.

Know where you are going. Drive by the site of  the interview a day or two before the  interview.


interview skills tutorial

Arrive 5 – 15 minutes early:

Bring extra copies of your resume/CV

Research the potential employer

Review the job description and be able to match your experience and education with the duties of the position

Prepare a 1 to 2-minute script about yourself

Make sure you have the appropriate interview attire

Dress for Success! Hair should be clean and combed.

Tips Regarding Attire (Men):

pants (not jeans!), collared shirt, tie, sports coat, and shoes. A suit is not always necessary

*Do not wear loud clothes! Be conservative

If possible, wear a suit to the interview

Belt and shoes should be the same color

Avoid ties with elaborate patterns or too many colors

A wedding ring and/or watch is generally the only jewelry that should be worn

Head to Toe: Hair should be well groomed and shoes should be polished

Tips Regarding Attire (Women):

Formal dress, skirt (not too short), or dress pants with a nice blouse or blazer.

A suit or formal dress is preferable

Skirts should meet at the top of the knee or longer

The amount of jewelry should be minimized

Makeup should be light

Avoid perfumes and scented powders